Duffy McMahon, PhD

Duffy earned her Ph.D. from the Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality.  Believing in living a positive sex life, Duffy uses her background in stress, anger, anxiety and gender issues to help individuals and couples developing a confidence in themselves and their relationships.  By incorporating a variety of modalities including hypnosis, Light & Sound, Cranial Electro-stimulation and Primary Colors Personality testing, Duffy helps her clients confront and manage obstacles that prevent them from leading healthier and more productive lives.

Duffy is a professional speaker, and does a video blog on her website, is an “Opinions” contributor to newspapers and magazines and offers workshops on love & compassion, intimacy, spiritual sexuality and relationships.

Scope of Practice


What is Hypnosis?

Studies show that hypnotherapy is safe and effective. Hypnosis is a state of highly focused attention or concentration, often associated with relaxation and heightened suggestibility. Hypnotherapy has been used to treat everything from headaches, weight and smoking to chronic pain, minor phobias, improved study habits and serve as anesthesia–all without drugs or side effects.

Types of Hypnotherapy:

General Hypnotherapy:  This is typically used to treat everything from headaches, weight loss and smoking to chronic pain, phobias and stress.

Regression Hypnotherapy:  This is a hypnosis technique used to help patients remember the perceptions and feelings caused by past events that have an effect on their present health issues.

Past Life Regression:  A technique for accessing and re-experiencing memories of previous existences housed in your subconscious.  We are not born as a blank slate, but as a soul with the wisdom and scars from many lifetimes.  By bringing these memories into our conscious we can release negative patterns that continue to affect us.

Life Between Life Hypnosis:   Life Between Lives us a profound hypnotic technique that connects you to your soul awareness.  Guided into the spiritual state between lifetimes.

Human Sexuality

Human Sexuality – “the scientific study of human sexuality, including human sexual interests, behaviors and functions.”

Sex Education & Therapy

Intimacy Skills and Training

Body Awareness & Sexual Confidence

High or Low Libido Functions

Ejaculation Difficulties

Erectile Dysfunction

Vaginal Pain and Discomfort

Sex or Porn Addiction


Monogamy – Polyamory – Open Marriage – Swinging

Gender Identity & Relationship Preferences:

Heterosexual – Homosexual – Bisexual – Asexual – Transexual – Transgender – Pansexual – Sapiosexual – Demisexual – Gender Fluid – Gender Queer

Sexual Hypnosis – Stress – Anger – Anxiety

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