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Ep. 10 Talking medical marijuana with JP Holyoak, owner of Arizona Natural Selections

Ep. 9 Joe Thomas, President of the Arizona Education Association

Ep. 8 Bretta Nelson, Public Relations Manager for the AZ. Humane Society

Ep. 7 Barbara Hoffman, Executive Director, Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance

Ep. 6 Jennifer Caraway of The Joybus Charity & Diner

Ep. 5 Dr. Susanne Woodward, Certified Cuddlist

Ep. 4 Ilona Bleaman, Hormone Specialist

Ep. 3 Shaun McNamara of the All Puppet Players and Eva Louis of Chronic Behavior

Ep. 2 Dr. Ralph H. Earle, President and Founder of Psychological Counseling Services, Ltd.

Ep. 1 Welcome to Life Happens

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